The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth App recensioner

No iPhone X support OR Latest game update!

No support for iPhone X display! Was never updated to newest version of game (Afterbirth+).

Fantastic game but needs iPhone X support

This is the real deal, fantastic iOS port! However, I spent $15 on this game and it needs to be updated for the new generation iPhones display.

Premium pricing for one of my favorite games

I’ve been playing Isaac for a very long time and was very excited to see it come to my iPad. The fact that I even bought a controller strictly to play Isaac on my iPad should show how excited I was for the game. I notice they still haven’t patched the game since releasing. C’mon Nicalis, the fact that it sill crashes when completing a challenge is ridiculous. Put a simple patch out if you’re going to charge this much for the base game.

Where’s Afterbirth?

Great game, own on 4 consoles over 2000 hours played, Love mobile version but where is afterbirth? It’s been 2 years and I would gladly pay 15 bucks for the expansion or afterbirth plus.

Awsome game McMillan!!!

I Love This Game But The Touch Controls Are Kinda Weird Because They Mover Where Ever Your Fingers Are So In Next Update Please Add A Choice In Settings Stationary Controls.


This is cool and all but could you please not make it so expensive? I had to beg for the money I got

Update for iPhone X

Please update the game to fit the iPhone X. The controls don’t work if you go further than the older iPhone’s screen size. Also I would love to see more hud options like you can get on pc. Still pretty good though

Binding of Isaac rules

Bought this and all the expansions on steam and have put about 450 hours into it. I love this game. Was excited to see the mobile version out but it leaves just a little bit to be desired. The controls are okay, sometimes they don't register my thumbs. I tend to see the same few items over and over but that may just be because I'm used to playing with so many more on PC. When I hit the random character selection it seems to choose Azazel or Lazarus every time which is weird. I would like to see more items and daily challenges added but overall it is a great game. Well worth the money.

Not working

I really love this game so i bought this like 10 min ago but it isn’t working at all. Plz fix it


The game it'self is fine but the controls throw me off. If u guys are listening plz add a button to toggle sensitivity. It takes a while to get used to it and frankly is a bit uncomfortable.



One of my favorite games of all time

The controls are a little finicky but for on the go issac I love it. This game has hundreds of hours of content.

Amazing game

I recommended this game to all of my friends. This game is easy to pick up and hard to put down. I absolutely love the binding of issac, only concern is that the controls are a bit wonky at times but other than that it’s an awesome app.

A must have

Best online game yet,and I have played a lot of them!!!hope they come out with the expansions!!!!!

In love, but...

I am absolutely in love with this game. I’ve been playing it for so long and almost have The Real Platinum God. Right now the issue I have is that sometimes, my character moves in the direction I’m shooting, naturally this somewhat rare issue can COMPLETELY ruin a run with The Lost, which is all I need now. Please fix this, also I’ve been expecting Afterbirth on iOS for a very long time now. Please and thank you Adrian, a true BoI fan


I always knew that this game was amazing and I bought a 3ds mainly to play this game. I ended up selling my ds later on and I always thought that this game was perfect on a handheld device because of how easy it is to run and because of its quick paced nature. The port is incredibly easy to use and is the same thing as on the ds or computer (when talking about the menu ui). This game has all of the items from the computer version and I'm hoping they will continue to add the dlc from the computer which I'm sure they will because of how much praise this app is getting. I hadn't even read anything on this app before I bought it. The second I saw it i dropped $15 because I knew that it would be worth it. This is a great game with great devs and I know that they care about the community and will continue to refine this game. Since it just came out the movement is a little hard but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I just wish you could adjust where the little joysticks are because I have big fingers and would like them to be a little farther away because on portrait mode it's hard for me. The portrait mode made me really excited because it felt like the ds and was incredibly clean and easy to look at. However because I have an IPhone SE which is basically the size of the 5, my fingers often bump into each other while playing which is a big problem. This game is however I think to be one of the best games the App Store has to offer and it was 100% worth the money.


This game is fun to play on anything! Yet i feel we should get afterbirth+ on the ios soon (which to be honest could bring in more profit if you do it right ;) ) but thats it good game forever and always

I love the binding of Isaac

I love this mobile binding of Isaac rebirth. Are you going to make a mobile afterbirth

Great game

I hope they can add afterbirth and afterbirth + eventually


So I've been watching YouTubers play The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth forever but when I searched for it in iOS it wouldn't show up until one faithful day I found it and thought to myself 14.99 what a ripoff but it's not it's the best game I have ever played the graphics are amazing "and how much times I've died is forgivable XD" but yea overall the game is amazing!

Good game

This game is hella awesome

Love it but...

I just want to say I love this game until I die no doubt about it but the only thing that makes me dislike the game is the movement when I try to move around Isaac just stops moving all together and I take a lot of not needed damage and this happens non stop but apart from that this game is one of the best games to get on your iOS please fix this bug.


I’m just wondering when afterbirth will be added and will it be a free update if you own the game ? Or would we have to pay

Keyboard Compatibility

I will never poorly rate this game it’s incredible, I’ve owned it on whatever I’ve had that’s allowed me to play it. That being said, keyboard controls would go a REALLY long way here.


I would not buy this. The controls are very difficult to move and shoot. Very loose. It isn’t like the computer version.

Fantastic game, but needs some bug support

This game is a total blast, and infinitely replayable. It’s everything a modern rogue-like should be. Only downsides:m are (1) the screen based controls occasionally misread your shot direction inputs as movement inputs, and (2) there are some in-game bugs (such as temporary effects going away prematurely if you sleep your phone), and there doesn’t seem to be any bug support for the app.

This game rules

This was one of my favorite games already and I love the mobile port. This game has incredible replay value. Please give us afterbirth + on mobile.



Please fix touch control bug on this game

When I buy this game, there is no issue in touch control. After few months, there has one issue that when I play this game 3-5 min on this game, the touch control will not follow your finger directions and the character will run to be left or right side. If you want to get 5 stars, please fix this bug on this game. Then I rate the game for better grade.

iPhone controls okay, iPad controls awkward

I’ve had this game on my phone for a while now, and while it doesn’t really come close to mimicking the control accuracy of PC/console versions, I found it serviceable. I like to play it while waiting at my gate for flights. I recently got an iPad, and while the movement and shooting controls are the same, the item/bomb controls are on the left side of the screen, same as the movement stick. I don’t know about you, but I like being able to use bombs or items while on the move instead of having to stop moving to tap them. They should be on the right hand side with the pills, but I see no option to change this. I don’t want to buy a controller just for this game, so the game is pretty much unplayable for me on iPad.

Full moneys worth

I’ve been playing Isaac for years now and I am so happy it’s finally on IOS and with controller support!!! The unbelievable amount of content is so worth the $15

Cost way $5 more than it should

Terrible controls for a $15 app. Honestly it should only cost $5 with controls this bad. It can literally ruin a run.


Love the game, but HATE it how it's been written to play on tablets. I BOUGHT this game and it plays horribly. I thought I could bypass the impossibility of controlling the character through touch screen navigation by connecting my Bluetooth keyboard and playing it like on computer, but it didn't work. I have purchased various forms of the binding of Isaac since it's first incarnation totaling to over $50 worth of this game and am utterly disappointed



Amazing just needs dlcs

The binding of issac rebirth is so great they just need to port the dlcs and I'd be even better!

Very Nice

I finally got Real Platinum God on my first save file, and it feels great. The controls are very tight, but there is just one problem. Sometimes, my controls get mixed up. A good amount of runs have fallen due to this glitch. For some reason, sometimes the fire control and movement control pop up in the wrong place. Basically, sometimes when I go to fire, I move instead. Still, great game. Keep up the good work

A Classic

This is my third time buying the game (Steam, Switch). The touchscreen provides the worst controls out of the three, but I just see that as a spike in difficulty. It's still extremely fun and replayable. This game will definitely stick as an app to always have.

Worth the money

Great game, great everything, only it doesn't have the dlcs yet,but besides that, it is worth the 15 dollars


The game is great and well made the only problem I have with it is the fact it doesn't have afterbirth like every other platform does

Amazing Game

Totally worth the $15. Seemingly endless gameplay options

Best Game on Nintendo Switch

I fell in love with this game with the Afterbirth+ label on Nintendo Switch, and here you get almost the same experience for a fraction of the cost! At first it was hard to get used to playing without a physical controller, but I finally beat mom just now so my advice is to just keep on trying. On my YouTube channel (Kevintendo) my most popular video is Binding of Isaac and so the community behind it is still alive and well! If you have to choose between the iOS and switch version, I would go with the Switch- however, like the little girl from the taco Bell commercial, why not both!?



Want after birth

This is legit a direct port. Like nothing is lost. It's amazing. And it doesn't eat away at your battery. Well worth 15 dollars.

Moving is a little wonky still, but it's still Isaac

I've got 600+ hours in the PC version of Isaac so having it on mobile goes hand in hand. I understand I'm not playing on a PC, and touch controls are funky in general, but that's my biggest gripe. I know (based on past reviews/videos) that the moving controls have gotten tweaked to be better (like having the joystick lock in position instead of moving with you), but some rooms require precision movements and it's so hard to navigate them, even with flicking the joystick on both control settings 1 & 2, I have trouble not taking spike damage with a narrow path, especially with a bunch of speed ups. Also dodging enemy shots is a little tough, I think it's just a combo of the small screen of my 6S and the weird touch controls. I do believe with enough practice though anyone can get really good with this version. Just the controls will take a while to get used to, especially if you're coming from a PC. Some kind of dpad controller would solve any control issues I have - I'll definitely be looking into something as I intend to put a lot of hours into this version. Initially I'm extremely impressed and thrilled to spend some time with Isaac on the go. It's a solid port to a game I know and love dearly. Really hope we get Afterbirth(+) soon! If you're a fan of Isaac and you find yourself having some free time away from the computer, I would highly recommend picking this up. Despite the steep price tag, it's going to give any fan a lot of hours of enjoyment.

Where is Afterbirth?

I know I've been impatient, but it's been nearly a year now and there hasn't been an update since it's been released.


I chose to get the game because I had afterbirth for PlayStation and man it was worth it only complaint is it doesn't have afterbirth that would be great nicalis. Well buy it it's worth the price same game as console and PC.

Premium Game! Controls need fixing!

Awesome game, I own it for PC as well. Well worth the $15 BUT wish developers could let us shoot diagonally, or fix the controls. As a newcomer to the franchise in general I get frustrated at the controls on iOS that it's almost unplayable :/

Best game ever

Exactly like the real game

Fixes needed.

They need to add card switch and dropping items that is core to the game. It's a very expensive game(by iOS standards) and it deserves to be patched.

Pretty good

Worth it

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