The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth App Reviews

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Love this game but...

I bought it with the thought the Apple TV version was around the corner, which was not the case. Also the fact it hasn’t been updates for an iPhone X for the price I paid is kind of messed up. If you have an iPhone X/iPhone XS or expect any type of update I do not recommend purchasing this app. Sadly I’ll just be playing on my Xbox and computer.


This has got to be my favorite game on IOS. It’s super fun and ima start recording it for YouTube soon :3 :T but I would really like an update. Afterbirth has so much more stuff and I would love to see it on mobile. Also there’s this bug where when you complete a challenge you crash. You get back on and the achievement is there and the things are unlocked though so it isn’t too bad. But again. Afterbirth XD Maybe not Afterbirth+ cause I can imagine major lag. Just.. afterbirth please? Thank you.

need more stuff

Add afterbirth soon pls

Good for passing time

I love this game, it is awesome. My only concern is; when will afterbirth and AB+ be added? I want to enjoy all of TBOI and unlock everything. It’s easy, all you have to do is copy this and revamp it to AB+, or just copy the AB+ program and alter the controls so it can be played on mobile. BOOM! Perfection

Great port

Great port of one of my all time fave games. Takes a little time learning the controls. Could use a dedicated button on the right hand side of the screen for items that are meant to be used during combat, like Bobs Head and Shoop Da Woop

Best game ever

This is the only game I have on all my systems. It only gets better the more you play it (unlocks)! Please add DLCs! Worth every penny!

Good but many bugs

The gameplay is fun but the bugs make it hard to play and the controls are hard to use.

Awesome Game

‘Nuff said.

Great game! TERRIBLE port!!

The game runs OKAY with a touchscreen, BUT the controls are otherwise completely and utterly NON-RESPONSIVE! It’s agitating seeing as the game also picks up in difficulty after playing through it successfully so many times, WITH NO OPTION OF LOWERING IT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a challenge, but what the bloody hell is the point of offering a normal AND a hard difficulty option when normal just becomes hard anyway?!?! A CONTROLLER IS A MUST if you plan on unlocking some of the higher level goods in this game. Seriously, how did the developers mess such simple controls up THIS BAD?!?! It’s disappointing, seeing how I can play a much more complicated game such as MONSTER HUNTER and be beyond pleased with the controls, but THE BINDING OF ISAAC brings almost ZERO control scheme/control options value to the mobile market... Great, SOLID GAME, but TERRIBLE PORT unless you have a controller with actual sticks to utilize. Good luck!!


Enough said.

Love this

Love this buttery need to make a update for iPhone X version

Fascinating but unplayable. Stay away.

Unless you already have this game on another platform and love it, Save your dollars and don’t buy this. And maybe save your dollars even if you do love the game on other platforms. The game is insanely hard made worse by floaty, glitchy controls. Unplayable. Cool game and fun concept and lured me in and I should have listened to all the reviews that warned about it being unplayable. Also! This game is 100% unsupported by the developers. period. Keep moving and don’t fall for this on iOS

Excellent game, could use updates

Gameplay is superb and holds many hours of content. Controls are fine, but will take time to get used to. The game could use an update or two. For instance, sometimes I fly towards whatever I’m trying to shoot at for no reason which has lead to some close calls. There’s no way to drop items without using it or picking up another one, and this version lacks the Afterbirth expansions. Also, this had no advertising whatsoever. People are always surprised when they see me playing this on my phone. “It’s on mobile?” They ask. So if Nicalis decides to return to this, please speak up! Still, hundreds of hours of fun await and I don’t regret my purchase due to my circumstances.

Favorite Game Ever

...and I've been gaming since Pong (yes, I'm old...) and I've literally spent more Hundreds of Hours on TBOI than any other game. The amazingly randomized search/kill/survive aspect gives and takes like no other... so "simple" yet so layered... Anyway, the iPad version is kinda wonky but scratches my Isaac addiction...

We demand the addition of dlc!!!

Title says all great game decent port with a bit of bugs but dissmisable... Dlc pls?

iPhone X user pls read

A good game. I have bought pc ps4 switch and now iOS. This game feels like originally designed for iPhone 678 just not for iPhone X. Screen shrinks too much and super hard to control. Games like Soul Knight have much better experience in same style controlling.

A very good game but some bugs

A very well done port, it is the entire pc game, no questions asked. 4 stars for two reasons: controls and lack of future support. There is a really bad bug, noted here by other reviewers where the “fire” button and the move button get swapped, which is devastating in a game like this. The other thing to keep in mind is that this game will not receive updates at all. No bug fixes, and no afterbirth, etc. if that’s what you’re looking for.

No iPhone X full screen

Totally unsupported by devs since launch. It’s disgusting that such a classic game is getting 2nd rate treatment by people who don’t deserve to be handling this port.

It No Longer Works ???

I LOVE this game, i have it on my pc and phone, so i can play it wherever. I took a few month break from the game and for over a month now Ive been wanting to play it on my phone but it opens and immediately crashes. I’ve updated it and It’s still happening. I just want to play the game.

One word. Amazing.

This game is definitely worth the money. It feels just like the pc and console version of the game, for the exact same price! If you haven’t played this game, I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and click buy.


Me: TBOI is on ios Friend: OH MY GOD I NEED THIS Me: It costs like 15 dollars Friend: oh

Good, but could be better

I just want the afterbirth and afterbirth plus updates then this app is perfect

Needs updates DESPERATELY

I figure they don’t really care about this port anymore, but lots needs fixed. I can’t use seeds, there are next to constant crashes, and the touch controls a complete overhaul if possible. This is a great game, but the port is trash. It about evens out. Fun but frustrating to deal with the bugs.


Sooo I loooove the game, I really do. But where is the updates with afterbirth and afterbirth+? It kills me when I play recent version on pc and move to this old version. So plzzzz update

No iPhone X Support

Great game but no iPhone X support.

5 star game with a 3 star mistake

Amazing game, payed it on PS as well... but a big issue in the placement of the buttons. You move with your left hand, you attack with your right hand... but your items and bombs also have to be used with your left hand. This means you have to stop walking to drop a bomb or use an item, and since you designed the game, you should have realized in advance that stopping to use an item was not an option. Why you didn’t put the items on the RIGHT side of the screen, where we attack (and have an unused hand since attack is essentially automated) is completely beyond me. How did no one in your entire company realize this incredibly basic concept?

Amazing but are you able to

I know this is a insane question and I have had so much fun with this game but if you are able to make afterbirth on the phone that would be great this is an amazing game

Finally Issac hits ios with a grand slam tear knockout

Just got a new iphone x! Issac runs great on it but there is one issue it does not run full screen and it really needs to. It would look gorgeous running full screen on the iphone x. First the price. Its the full game no shoddy port. Your paying for 500 hours + of game play. It plays differently everytime. If you dont know what it is check youtube. Its well worth the price of admission. No game on ios has this much content. This game will not hold your hand but you will be rewarded if you can get through it. Its a zelda style twin stick shooter rouge like and its mature for adults not some kids game. It has the best touch controls you will find and it supports blutooth controllers. This game does not belong in this world Enough talk, have at you!!!

Nice But Needs Fixes

The gameplay is perfect and offers everything the full game has. YET even on my tiny iPhone 5 the screen is not filled with the dungeon. I find this really problematic because I cannot are the enemies very well and it slows my gameplay down. Then when put longways I find my thumbs hitting each other most of the time. Please fix this because the game is somewhat unplayable without the ability to see. Even with lower resolution it would be much better to play! Hopefully you guys read this and can (possibly) come up with something.

Needs IPhone X support

Hello. I want to start by saying I love this game. But it isn’t optimized for the iPhone X and the game screen is tiny and makes it hard to play because my thumbs end up taking up a lot of the screen because the game doesn’t register most of the screen except for in the middle. If this is fixed then this game is near perfect. Love it so much besides this optimization issue.

Not optimized

Not optimized for the iPhone X very small not able to be played and won’t even respond to customers

Update for iPhone X?

Just waiting


Oi Edmund, I know Antibirth was a fan made community DLC sized mod but it’ll be so great if we could have an update for not only be able to mods, but for iPhone X support other people had been requesting for, not so much about Afterbirth and/or Afterbirth+, it’s fine having just Rebirth in the mobile version. Also this game is just amazing, the best game I have ever played. I have over 130 hours played on my switch version, right now I’m just hoping for at least compatibility with mods.

Good Game - Needs iPhone X Support

Title says it all. Entertaining game with endless replayability, but needs an update pretty badly.


I have hundreds of hours for this game on PC and now it's on phone! Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ dlcs would also be great as soon as possible

Good but maybe put a update where you get after birth

It’s a swell game (controls are bad in a good way) but maybe add afterbirth soon or something

Needs updating but good game

Needs to be updated for iPhone 10 and afterbirth(+),and booster pack like on the pc

Great game but what’s with controller support

I’ve played this game for a long time and it is amazing but I have never been able to get my xbox 1s controller to connect. I have not been able to find a how to video but if there is one please inform me.


Love the game own it on my X an ps4 only thing I want is to fit to screen for iPhone X

Please add iphone x support and afterbirth. PLEASE

It would be so much better.

Awesome but.....

On my account most of the fun seeds are different than the original n every time I win n get 3 devil deals in one game I don’t get Azezal


This game is so amazing and well made that the only way you could make this game any better is to be able to put mods on for the iPad game!


Go support edmund mcmillen and buy this excellent game.


cool game but optimize it for iPhone X

Awesome game

Very gud!


Look. I love Rebirth. I played it constantly on my switch. But $15 for a game that doesn't even support iPhone X? ...really? Considering the last update was a year ago, I’m doubting this is gonna get fixed. Shameful.

Before you play!!! Great game, but small errors!!!

I've been playing the binding of Isaac for years, but here's the first thing that went on my mind. I never knew why, it is 17+ on the ratings, here's why. It say's sexual content, in the game, but all it is, is a naked boy, not showing a ding dong, or butt. It's pretty much a game, about a 7 or 8 year old boy, who's mom, gets called by god to kill him. He jump's inside a hidden trapdoor, that leads to the mansion sized basement, and explore's the depth's of the basement. It's a very dark, and amazing game, of a crying boy, finding the demon in himself.

where is the update of Afterbirth †

Afterbirth † Afterbirth † Afterbirth † Afterbirth † Afterbirth †

One of my most favorite games

I love Binding of Isaac and would recommend it to anyone that likes indie games or side-scrolling shooters. Even if you aren’t sure if you’ll enjoy it, it is absolutely still worth trying.

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