The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth App Reviews

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Needs IPhone X support

Hello. I want to start by saying I love this game. But it isn’t optimized for the iPhone X and the game screen is tiny and makes it hard to play because my thumbs end up taking up a lot of the screen because the game doesn’t register most of the screen except for in the middle. If this is fixed then this game is near perfect. Love it so much besides this optimization issue.

Not optimized

Not optimized for the iPhone X very small not able to be played and won’t even respond to customers

Update for iPhone X?

Just waiting


Oi Edmund, I know Antibirth was a fan made community DLC sized mod but it’ll be so great if we could have an update for not only be able to mods, but for iPhone X support other people had been requesting for, not so much about Afterbirth and/or Afterbirth+, it’s fine having just Rebirth in the mobile version. Also this game is just amazing, the best game I have ever played. I have over 130 hours played on my switch version, right now I’m just hoping for at least compatibility with mods.

Good Game - Needs iPhone X Support

Title says it all. Entertaining game with endless replayability, but needs an update pretty badly.


I have hundreds of hours for this game on PC and now it's on phone! Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ dlcs would also be great as soon as possible

Good but maybe put a update where you get after birth

It’s a swell game (controls are bad in a good way) but maybe add afterbirth soon or something

Needs updating but good game

Needs to be updated for iPhone 10 and afterbirth(+),and booster pack like on the pc

Great game but what’s with controller support

I’ve played this game for a long time and it is amazing but I have never been able to get my xbox 1s controller to connect. I have not been able to find a how to video but if there is one please inform me.


Love the game own it on my X an ps4 only thing I want is to fit to screen for iPhone X

Please add iphone x support and afterbirth. PLEASE

It would be so much better.

Awesome but.....

On my account most of the fun seeds are different than the original n every time I win n get 3 devil deals in one game I don’t get Azezal


This game is so amazing and well made that the only way you could make this game any better is to be able to put mods on for the iPad game!


Go support edmund mcmillen and buy this excellent game.


cool game but optimize it for iPhone X

Awesome game

Very gud!


Look. I love Rebirth. I played it constantly on my switch. But $15 for a game that doesn't even support iPhone X? ...really? Considering the last update was a year ago, I’m doubting this is gonna get fixed. Shameful.

Before you play!!! Great game, but small errors!!!

I've been playing the binding of Isaac for years, but here's the first thing that went on my mind. I never knew why, it is 17+ on the ratings, here's why. It say's sexual content, in the game, but all it is, is a naked boy, not showing a ding dong, or butt. It's pretty much a game, about a 7 or 8 year old boy, who's mom, gets called by god to kill him. He jump's inside a hidden trapdoor, that leads to the mansion sized basement, and explore's the depth's of the basement. It's a very dark, and amazing game, of a crying boy, finding the demon in himself.

where is the update of Afterbirth †

Afterbirth † Afterbirth † Afterbirth † Afterbirth † Afterbirth †

One of my most favorite games

I love Binding of Isaac and would recommend it to anyone that likes indie games or side-scrolling shooters. Even if you aren’t sure if you’ll enjoy it, it is absolutely still worth trying.

Good game, needs update to AFTERBIRTH (+)

Paying $15, I initially thought that this mobile port would update to the current incarnations of the game, like Afterbirth and Afterbirth+, but it hasn't yet.


I love the game I just wish you had the dlc for the game

I love this Game!

I have been addicted to this game for days! I relate so much to it and it’s my own escape, just like it is for Isaac. Defenitly worth the $15.00 and probably more. Buy it! You will NOT regret it at all. Not at all!

Amazing, but what about Apple TV

I read a while ago that when this game first came out it also had plans to be released on Apple TV. I finally caved and bought it (even though I promised I wouldn’t until it came out on ATV) and it is amazing!!! I only used to play on my old laptop which would struggle a lot, so this is a huge step up! Currently I play it with my mfi controller while screen mirroring on my ATV. It lags a bit but it’s incredibly fun and well put together. The price is fair and well worth it. Please make an Apple TV version of the app soon

Game is Awesome!

Play it a lot on my laptop (150+) logged on steam so when I saw it on the App Store I was rightfully stoked! The controls are wonky and I’d like to play in landscape as my device isn’t suited for the small HUD interface. For me. Unplayable. Great game otherwise.

PLEASE ADD Afterbirth+

I don’t care if I have to pay another 15


It was worth every penny. Between this and my computer version I've played easily over 500 hours.

Incredibly Deep Action Roguelike

Don’t let the simple art and uncomfortable themes fool you, there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. There is a reason the original dev is lauded with godlike reverence in the indie community; beneath the surface, the game itself is brilliant. From the seemingly never ending steam of new items, levels and secrets to what is likely some of the best enemy AI in arcade gaming, the game is challenging and the replay value high. This game is exceptional!

Really need A update for iPhoneX

I love this game,hopefully a update to adopted for iPhoneX!

iPhone X.

It needs an update for the iPhone X.

iPhone X Aspect Ratio

This game is amazing and I have played it for Isaac knows how long. But it’s a bit wonky on the iPhone X, still definitely worth the $15 but that would be a tremendous upgrade, keep up the good work!

Needs Afterbirth

I’d pay extra for that. Pretty much completed everything in this base version and want more. Also I don’t get what people are talking about with the controls, they work great and it is easier to play on mobile then pc.


Please please please update for iPhone X screen support! THis is like my all time favorite game and having the use of the full screen would be EXCELLENTE! Otherwise, 5 stars!

I cannot play this game

Endless loading when i selected the charecter and pushed the start button. Maybe game crashed with korean language pack. Please update the game for korean user.

Even better than I expected

THIS IS FANTASTIC. This game should be worth more than it is. This game is just so fantastic I was completely distracted on what was around me. Only one little problem. It took 5 hours to download.but all in all this game is worth more than it really is!

Great Game

iPhone X support please!!!


I highly recommend this game because of its rich content and hours of enjoyment but when will the dlcs be added?

Love it, would like DLC

I bought this as soon as I saw it considering I have 200+ hours on Steam. This game is honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played! I would like for Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ DLC to be added sometime in the future. Another thing that would be cool is like Afterbirth + if we could somehow introduce mods, now I understand that would be complicated but just an idea. Overall this is my favorite game ever it’s totally worth the money and recommend it to everyone.

This is great

I can finally play issac on mobile but can we get an update? Possibly afterbirth or afterbirth+? Rebirth on mobile feels buggy and would like to see a reset button and a way to swap cards or pills if we have the items to do so.

Worth it

I’ve watched a lot of play throughs and commentaries of this game simply because my favorite YouTube’s play it. It’s good to finally get my hands on it and it’s convenient, the game handles very well doesn’t lag of bug out, but the screen gets very busy at times especially with the joysticks and the held item slot with the bomb and what not. I hope the new content gets released, afterbirth would be a great investment and keep me hooked in

Afterbirth Please!

Please, Add Afterbirth, This Is An Amazing Game, But Please Add Afterbirth!

Great Game. Is there ever gonna be another update for it?

Read title.

Must have

This is the first game I have spent this much on and it's worth it. Please add the dlc content for iPhone X price is not an issue. Please. Please. Please!!!

Love it but not support iPhone X screen

Got both on PC and phone unfortunately it’s not full screen on the iPhone X will you guys come out with the update for that soon please ?


Me encanta el juego y de todo perfecto

Don't get discouraged at first!

After I got over the initial shock and disappointment at the perceived difficulty of the game, I realized I'd found my favorite game of all time! Don't get discouraged at dying a lot. Consider it training to make you a better player! Couple with a SteelSeries Nimbus and you have gaming bliss!

Capable for expansion

Rebirth is good and all, but BoI on mobile can be capable of doing afterbirth with little to no hiccups. It would be awesome if we were able to fight delirium, hush, or (more painfully) ultra greed. Who knows, we’ll might be able to play it this year (2018). I sure hope so since it would amp up the challenge in a fun, more enticing way. I acquired all of the endings and even obtained godhead, but I want to test my mettle on the TRUE final boss and in greed mode.


The game is just amazing 1000/10

This is great but would be better with dlc

I love the console and pc versions but always wanted a great time killer that i can carry this allows me to play the game i love whenever and wherever i want. There are a few glitches but i haven't ran into anything game breaking they are mostly visual. I think the developers need to add the afterbirth and afterbirth plus

Minor Bug

After completing a run in which you unlock something due to the run being completed, the app force closes (doesn’t happen when cutscenes play, but automatically kicks you to the title screen after cutscene). Not a huge deal, but it does make keeping track of unlocks difficult. Otherwise, the game is perfectly ported. I look forward to the addition of the DLC, even if I have to spring $15 for them (Afterbirth+ would be awesome but I’m mostly concerned with Afterbirth).

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