The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth App Reviews

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This game is excellent in all ways, shapes or form! No flaws, no problems!

Afterbirth please

All we need now is afterbirth. That is literally all I want. Pls


This game is amazing, creative, mind boggling, and e.t.c. and I can say with pride how there will probably not be a game I play as amazing as this, there just isn’t anything to fix, although controls over lap with each other sometimes that’s fine you just have to change the settings, but other than that this game is incredible


great game to play at school when bored as hell

Worst controls a game has ever had

Floaty joysticks leads to poor control of Isaac meaning you can’t even play the game, getting through doors is a nightmare and it requires u lifting your thumbs up every 2 seconds. Not fun at all, you need a controller, don’t buy this masterpiece of a game on mobile, get it on pc or console.

Good game with minor flaws

The Binding of Isaac is a great game. My only minor annoyances with the iOS version of the game is the lack of ability to sync saves from the Steam version of the game, and the lack of Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ content.


Cheaper and more portable than switch

My experience

The game is awesome and it runs very. Smoothly. Only problem i have is how come i can't use the keyboard keys on my portfolio to play Isaac like I'm on a computer. If you guys can get this solution, man i would appreciate it a lot.


After I bought Isaac iOS, when I clicked Start, I only got a black screen and I did not go to the next screen

Android killer

Literally made me stop using Android.


Love this game and had no idea it was coming to iOS. So surprised when I saw it. Typed in Issac to get an item app and saw the real app. Awesome. Worth 15$. Buy a controller though. This game is tough on a touch screen. I have a speedy mfi. Buy this game. I hope they plan on updating this app. Please update to fit iPhone X. And when is afterbirth coming?

Amazing port nasty bugs

Binding of Isaac is amazing, I have it on my computer as well as on my phone. The only thing holding this back from a 4 or 5 Star is the fact that there are nasty bugs. One is instead of shooting in a direction you start walking in that direction which is obviously horrible, next some items are useless because the developers forgot to add the drop trickets and pills button and forgot to add the change card button so starter deck is worthless. Next there is no dev team working on Isaac for iOS(what I heard), so none of these bugs will be fixed and there will not be the dlc’s for a long time. Finally, the game eats your battery after one run I loose about half my battery. The game itself is perfect only the bugs and no dev team holding it back.

Good but…

Great game I love it but needs update badly to allow for a controller the touch screen controls are not bad but get in the way more often than not.

wonderful game

PLEASE add afterbirth+ as an IAP I would be more than willing to buy it.

There is serious problem to play this game

This game isn’t activated while i set device’s language setting by “Korean”. When i tap “start”, some image comes out then it is frozen. This appearance has been shown to my ipad air2, iphoneX I think this problem belongs to this app Please fix this problem as soon as possible.


Binding of Isaac on mobile is a dream come true, from all of the items, to bosses, to characters, it’s almost like pc! Almost! I do have one small problem though, that isn’t enough to lower the rating, but could improve my runs if it is fixed. Every once in a while, I would go to use the tear direction button, my character would move in some direction, that was not at all intended. This HAS had some bad timing, even ending runs for me. Again, thank you for the game, it is fantastic, and deserves every bit of the five stars, but every game has its issues, which are impossible to avoid. 👌🏻

Just WOW

This game is a dual stick shooter rouge-like like no other. I'm sure there are way better reviews then anything I could write so just buy the game and keep a wiki page open for the game. This game is one I keep coming back to.

There are some bugs

I love the game it’s super fun but, their are some bugs that stop me from unlocking characters. It would be awesome if you updated it once in a while.

Release dlc packs

Oh my god first time I’ve played this and I’m hooked. I want moreeee.

Great Game. Better with game pad.

I was a huge fan of the original Flash based game and Rebirth is my most played game on steam with well over 1000 hours played. When I saw it landed on iOS I was excited until I realized my iPad 2 wasn't able to play it. I finally upgraded to a newer iPad and was able to get this game. The game plays just like the original and I was surprised at how well the touch controls worked, however, with 1000+ hours on keyboard and a few hundred more on PS4 with a controller I found it a bit more difficult to play with touch controls so I picked up a Steelseries Stratus game pad and the controls are flawless.


Please update for iPhone X

Zero support from the developer

There are many known game breaking bugs. There has been zero support or response from the developer since this was released almost a year ago. The virtual joysticks will randomly mirror each other for seconds at a time which causes involuntary suicide frequently, especially when attempting runs on the secret character which has no health. We also have no way to drop or swap items which is a mechanic on every other platform.

Great but adjustments needed

As good as the game is initially, the controls are not very supportive for large mobile devices like my ipad, I wish you could implement the controls were it's were you have a sort of wheel to move and aim.


Love the game on steam and love the game on my phone now too! Bring on the DLCs!

Update to Iphone X

Please update to Iphone X. This is literally my favorite game. Will change to 5 stars after update

Game crashes a lot...

Great port, runs pretty smoothly, thumbs get in the way sometimes though. However, there are two major problems with the game. First, whenever you complete a challenge the game crashes. Second, sometimes when you take your thumb off the fire analog while moving and then try to shoot again the game thinks the thumb is trying to move the character. So what happens is your character starts moving straight into the enemies and doesn’t fire. Could you guys please fix these bugs they make the experience not as enjoyable as they should.


I Love this game!!!!!!! I’ve waited what felt like forever to play this game, and when I saw it on the App Store I freaked. I didn’t even hesitate o bought it. I would give the game 5 starts but I have one gripe. The controls. If the settings for the controls could be changed just a bit that would be nice. If we were able to change the sensitivity of the controls that would be great!!!!

New to Binding Isaac

I have never played any version of the Isaac games. In fact I have never really played a twin stick shooter like this. I am really terrible at it but the game is a lot of fun and so far appears to be incredibly deep but this game is definitely not going to hold your hand. It works great on my iPad Pro and recent iPhone. The only thing I would say is God bless anyone that can complete this game with the touch screen controls. I can barely get through a few levels with an mfi controller. The touch screen layout is fine but just seems really floaty and you need to be very precise and fast to succeed at this game. If you know the game and just want a phone version to kill some time it might be serviceable but I suspect it would make an already challenging game incredibly hard to succeed at. Anyhow, I really like all the items, challenges and collectibles and how each run is different based on the upgrades you find. Great game.

Amazing game

It’s worth every penny. It took me like 30 minuets to get used to the controls. I had it since it came out and I played it every day. I wish they will add the dlc and also to make it full screen on my iPhone X. Thank you for a great game!!!

Unable to play

Fram rate is terrible on this port. Can't even play smoothly. Getting a refund.

The controls are too weird

I love this game and I love watching it, but when I play it on a mobile phone the controls are too weird it keeps inverting them and sometimes the characters just don’t move or shoot... please do something about the controls that’s the only thing I don’t like

iPhone X support would be nice

I like the game but it feels a little weird with the big black bars and all

My Honest Review

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. I never thought the game was on mobile devices, but it is. I just found out about it and played it. This port of the game is great, and I love it. THE CONTROLS The controls are all great except the fact that the joysticks move around when you use them, and sometimes it won’t operate correctly with two fingers on the screen at the same time. When two fingers are on the screen at the same time, it sometimes moves the joystick for shooting over to the location of the joystick for movement, and messes up my run. THE STORY The story is great. I looked up Binding of Isaac on google, and saw that the game’s story is based on a bible story with the same name. I’m not going to tell the story, though, since I don’t want this review to be too long. THE GAMEPLAY 10/10 gameplay, it’s just as you’d expect. The only problem is I can’t get far enough without me dying due to the problem stated in the controls section, where the joysticks would move when used.

Great Game... however,

I love this game. I’ve put in over 600 hours over 4 years playing this game on the PC. I just now discovered this app and was so excited to play. The game runs beautifully and I like it. But I wish the controls were just a tad bit better. A lot of times I found my finger straying further away from the epicenter of the movement joystick. So my movements would be off-kilter and would cause my character to move in a different direction than I wanted. Personally, I think that the Minecraft style of having a D-Pad instead of touch screen joystick would work much better for this game. It would make the controls more linear like the PC edition. Still. A great game overall!

I really do wish they add other DLC FREE”

Would be great

The Binding Of Isaac for IOS

I love The Binding Of Isaac, all it’s jokes and dark humor, but is there ever going to be an update where The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth on IOS gets DLC? Thanks

Needs an update!

I am so excited to play Isaac on my phone! There are just a few things that need to change to make it just like playing on ps4 or PC 1) Bring in iPhone X support! Playing on the barred screen is tough and the screen makes it difficult to use the joysticks 2) Make the joysticks bigger! The wheels are so small and sensitive that it makes fine tune adjustments difficult to do. If there is a possibility to change the sensitivity or just give more joystick options it would make this 10x more playable

No iPhone X support OR Latest game update!

No support for iPhone X display! Was never updated to newest version of game (Afterbirth+).

Fantastic game but needs iPhone X support

This is the real deal, fantastic iOS port! However, I spent $15 on this game and it needs to be updated for the new generation iPhones display.

Premium pricing for one of my favorite games

I’ve been playing Isaac for a very long time and was very excited to see it come to my iPad. The fact that I even bought a controller strictly to play Isaac on my iPad should show how excited I was for the game. I notice they still haven’t patched the game since releasing. C’mon Nicalis, the fact that it sill crashes when completing a challenge is ridiculous. Put a simple patch out if you’re going to charge this much for the base game.

Where’s Afterbirth?

Great game, own on 4 consoles over 2000 hours played, Love mobile version but where is afterbirth? It’s been 2 years and I would gladly pay 15 bucks for the expansion or afterbirth plus.

Awsome game McMillan!!!

I Love This Game But The Touch Controls Are Kinda Weird Because They Mover Where Ever Your Fingers Are So In Next Update Please Add A Choice In Settings Stationary Controls.


This is cool and all but could you please not make it so expensive? I had to beg for the money I got

Update for iPhone X

Please update the game to fit the iPhone X. The controls don’t work if you go further than the older iPhone’s screen size. Also I would love to see more hud options like you can get on pc. Still pretty good though

Binding of Isaac rules

Bought this and all the expansions on steam and have put about 450 hours into it. I love this game. Was excited to see the mobile version out but it leaves just a little bit to be desired. The controls are okay, sometimes they don't register my thumbs. I tend to see the same few items over and over but that may just be because I'm used to playing with so many more on PC. When I hit the random character selection it seems to choose Azazel or Lazarus every time which is weird. I would like to see more items and daily challenges added but overall it is a great game. Well worth the money.

Not working

I really love this game so i bought this like 10 min ago but it isn’t working at all. Plz fix it


The game it'self is fine but the controls throw me off. If u guys are listening plz add a button to toggle sensitivity. It takes a while to get used to it and frankly is a bit uncomfortable.



One of my favorite games of all time

The controls are a little finicky but for on the go issac I love it. This game has hundreds of hours of content.

Amazing game

I recommended this game to all of my friends. This game is easy to pick up and hard to put down. I absolutely love the binding of issac, only concern is that the controls are a bit wonky at times but other than that it’s an awesome app.

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